Booking “The Bunker” Escape Room

You have been held captive for a while now, on a land far from home. You were transferred from place to place and now you lost track of your location.

Due to heavy bombardment in the area, your captors ran away from the place and left you all alone. Among the captors there was a double agent on Israeli service that hid clues and codes to help you report your location to the rescue crew, a second before you get buried under concrete ruins.

The bombardment gets stronger, the ground is shaking under your feet and the clock is ticking towards the shelling of the bunker. You have only one hour to discover your location, will make it on time?

No. Of Participants Price
2 240
3 360
4 440
5 525
6 600

Discounts (Personal against ID)
Soldiers: 15%
Students: 10%
Children under 10: Free (With 2 Adults above 16)
Players under 14 must be accompanied by adult above 16.