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What Is An Escape Room & Why You Need It

Escape Room or Quest Room, you name it, is the new best entertainment of Israel. You and your friends from home, work or any other social network, get locked in a room that cuts you off from reality. For one hour you are becoming the main actors in a movie in which you need to complete missions and solve puzzles that will help you escape from it before… well that’s a surprise.

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The Bunker


You were held captive in an underground bunker without a clue about your location. The area is under heavy bombardment and you must discover your location in order to get your long awaited rescue. A double agent that abandoned the place has hidden clues and codes inside the bunker to help you get out. Will you discover your location and make it out in 60 minutes? Book a room now.
[icon type=”users”] 2-6
[icon type=”clock-o”] 60 minutes
[icon type=”cogs”] Easy – Hard

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White Noise


The perfect place to determine old rivals. Head to head battle of solving riddles and strategy thinking. A totally new and unique concept that won’t let you rest for a sec. The room is suitable for large groups, office teams or just friends that would like to place a bet on something. Book Now
[icon type=”users”] 3-14
[icon type=”clock-o”] 60 minutes
[icon type=”cogs”] Mid-Hard


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