White Noise – Double Room

A new and unique escape room experience, involving high adrenaline and strategy.
A double escape room where two groups compete and affect one on another in real time.
except solving high level riddles, you’ll battle the team against you and put an end to old arguments and rivals.
This time its not you against the room, it’s you against the other team. Every step you make affects the other team, and vice versa.
Get ready for a high adrenaline, thinking and competing, that in the end, only one team will escape out as the winners.

Each room fits 3-7 People.
When you feel ready, get your team and book a room now!

The rooms located at Yossef Buksenbaum 1, Tel Aviv
Close to plenty of restaurants like: Cafe Italia, Yaffo-Tel Aviv, Zepra, Topolopompo, Lachmanina and more…

Price Per Participant: 120NIS

Discounts: Soldiers 15%, Students 10%